Games: 7/13

This weekend of games is over, coinciding nicely with the end of the FIFA World Cup. Our first two games on saturday went well, and we won the first one 9-8 and the second one 10-3. Those two victories put us in the winners’ bracket, however, and we faced stiff competition on Sunday, losing our first game 15-1 and our second 17-10.

The team performed amazingly the first day. Andy countered and netted 3 goals, Kian scored a hat trick as well, and I added 2 to our tally, one from a power play and the other from set. Even though we ended up only winning by 1, the entire game felt like a pushover. The second game was just a massacre. Our team countered, again and again, putting our opponents away by the first quarter. I netted two goals again.

The second day, the counters we used so effectivly on Saturday were hurled back at us. In both losses, one or two players on our opponent’s team countered us repeatedly until we were down by a huge amount. Our first oponent, Carlsbad, combined a deadly counter attack with an equally lethal press. UNI would pass the ball a few times on the permimeter before the ball is stolen, and a deadly Carlsbad would counter and add another goal to the deficit. The only UNI goal came in the second quarter, when I drew a foul near the five meter line and shot it high right corner.

The second game was closer, but individual mistakes and a lack of flexibility caused us to lose again. Aliso had an incredibly fast player, number 5, who scored several counters early in the game. He also had a monster of a shot. The entire Aliso team are good at posting up, creating multiple drop situations that allowed number 5 to exploit. After a disasterous first half, I stopped guarding set to focus on number 5, stopping his counter attacks and pressing him whenever he got the ball. This halted their scoring spree, and we began to trade goals back and forth. I netted 3 that game, 2 from set and 1 from the perimeter.

Overall I was pleased with how I did in this tournament. Netting eight goals in 4 games is decent, and if I continue to do this my senior season I will score well over my goal of 30 goals. This weekend I scored a few perimeter shots when I had the chance, and also had several goals from set. I got open on several drives as well. I also led the team in ejections drawn and had a couple of assists. I hope to draw 3 ejections every game in the fall season, from set or from drives. I’ll basically play the same game I played sophmore year, where I would guard set, then play 3 on offense, and drive into set, hoping to draw an ejection or create a scoring opportunity.


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