South Coast Tournament results:

We played in the South Coast tournament last weekend. The team is making improvements as a whole but still could have done much better. The last, 8-7 game against Grace Memorial was particularily hard to stomach. Hopefully the team will be in better shape to take on Woodbridge tomorrow. As a whole we need to be more aware in the water: calling help when we are down and helping out our teammates when we notice a gap in the defense.

I am pleased with my own performance in South Coast. I now lead the team in goals and steals, which is quite an improvement from the Tesoro game, which really shook my confidence. I also scored the sickest goal of my career, although its also a quite embarrassing goal. My shot was shot blocked but the rebound lobbed many feet into the air and actually WENT IN on the goalie!!!

Anyways, there are several things I need to improve. I need to perfect my rollie-polly approach to set guarding. If I had used that approach against Grace memorial, we probably would have won. At the same time, I need to be more intense on my drives and anticipate counters better. I also need to improve my pivot play style and mimic sergio busquets.


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