Henry Guise

Henry Guise is the manipulative heir of House Guise. Like his father, Henry dresses and talks like a gentleman, but appearences is where the two men’s similarities end. Henry also has strong ideas about France, but unlike his father, he is willing to use war to achieve his goals. Rich, scheming, and authoritative, Henry’s maneuvering put much of yhr Ile de France under House Guise. Personal friends with the Pope, Henry counts on the support of Jesuits and Catholic kings all across Europe. The ultimate realist, Henry is more dangerous than his father in that he can swallow his pride. He lives by the idea that the ends justifies the means, and ferverantly believes destroying the Hugenots will protect the French nobility and benefit the most amount of people. As France descends into Civil War, however, Henry’s attitudes forces him down an increasingly more radical path, and in his efforts to protect the French nobility from the King, he becomes the demagogue he seeks to destroy.

Henry Guise


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