Anne de Montmorency

Anne de Montmorency is the head of Head of House Montmorency. An old man at the start of the novel, Anne is already something of an extinct animal. His generation had included some of the finest talents in Europe, and saw France extend her influence in Italy, the Low Countries, and Germany. By 1558, however, Anne’s generation is mostly gone. The first Prince of Conde, the Lord of Navarre, even King Francis, Anne’s campaign brother, have all passed. (Even Colingy and Francis Guise, the two most powerful men in the country, are a generation younger than Anne.) As the well respected Marshal of France, Anne seemed poised to dominate French politics for years to come, but his moderate stance and trusting nature has seen him lose control to the more radical lords of the Country. House Guise is especially eager to take advantage of Anne’s weakness for their own gain. Never the less, Anne is the moral compass of the Kingdom, and while he’s alive, the Lords of France would never lose use treachery against their rival lords.

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