House Valois

House Valois is the royal house of France. It was founded by Francis Valois, who was the most enlightened of the Renaissance Princes. Under his strong but fair rule, France went through a period of unprecedented growth, becoming the cultural and commercial envy of all Europe. When Francis ruled, no lord, not even the highest Dukes, dared bicker with rival lords. All household troops belonged to the king and were used accordingly, expanding French domain in the Low Countries, Germany, and Italy. Francis is dead now, and his heirs are certainly not as able as he is. A series of accidents and ill fortune have seemingly doomed the house to decline, but House Valois remains at the forefront of Europe. Ruling from the rich Ile-De-France, the Valois kings can call upon tens of thousands of heavily armed Gendarmes. How those armies are used will be crucial to determining the future unity of France.


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