Henry Valois

Henry is childhood friends with Conde and Navarre. Unlike his older brother, Charles, he is tall, fair, and striking: a reincarnation of his grandfather, Francis. He is a distinguished soldier, and a charismatic leader, and well versed in both war and politics. Intelligent and moral, Henry seemed poised to reverse the fortunes of House Valois, should something happen to his brother, and many hope he is able to shake off the influence of his mother, Catherine. Such is his fame in Europe, that the Poles elected him king of Poland at the young age of 22. Henry’s one fault is his moral background: he is a romantic at heart and believed in a hidden, unspoken code of honor that guides all men. This left him vulnerable to the machinations of House Guise, and as France further collapses towards civil war, Henry’s optimism towards human nature will take a beating as well.



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