Charles de Cossé, Count of Brissac

Charles de Cossé, Count of Brissac, Known as the Thunderbolt of France, de Cosse is widely held to be the greatest general in France on the eve of war. De Cosse fully embodies the French Cavalier’s methodology to fighting. During the Italian wars, it was thanks to his lighting campaigns and brilliant command of the king’s cavalry that the French army won victory at the nick of defeat. He is also an incredible leader of men. During one Italian campaign, de Cosse led his cavalry so deep into enemy territory he was separated from the King Francis’ main army for months. Amazingly, his disciplined soldiers stayed with him without pay and went on fighting. By 1562, when it was clear that civil war looms, both sides sought the services of de Cosse, but the great marshal was nowhere to be found. Rumors have it that he has forsaken bloodshed and taken to the woods, and now lives the quiet life of a woodcutter. It would take much to convince such an intelligent and strong willed man to break his vow and lead men again, but if someone managed it, his side would gain the best cavalry commander in Europe.



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