Gaspard de Coligny

Coligny is the well respected admiral of France. He rules over the walled port of La Rochelle, a protestant stronghold defended from land and from sea by the Duc’s disciplined soldiers. As both Conde and Navarre lost their fathers when they were young, Coligny is responsible for bringing the two protestant princes up.

As a soldier, Coligny is the epitome of discipline. He sleeps, eats, fights with his soldiers. As a lord, Coligny is the nominal protector of the Huguenots of France. A personal friend of King Henry, Coligny can boast a very secure position in court. As a man, he is open minded and strong willed, charismatic yet merciless in a crisis. Even to his enemies, Coligny is the ideal French gentleman: he is well behaved and chivalrous, but is always prepared for the worst. He is confident, yet respectful of others. Although a realist with very clear ideas of how the world works, Coligny underestimated the effect War has on people’s chivalric values: a blunder that costs the Huguenots dearly.



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