Henri Bourbon, the Prince of Conde

The Prince of Conde is one of the premier Huguenot Lords in the country. As a cousin of the royal Valois kings, Conde is blessed with wealth, position, and almost everything men desire. He is well versed in the classics and Renaissance writing, and quite an accomplished poet. He is a good rider, a good swordsman, and knows how to be charismatic. His sharp mind and decisive nature has also made him one of the most promising cavalry commander in France. Few so young have such an advanced understanding of how the world works or how to get what he wants. Wild, confident, and just a slight bit cocky, Conde embodies the ideal French cavalier more than anyone else. He takes the initiative and does not think things through when he does them, nor did he ever need to. Whatever problem he can’t solve by himself, the Conde name surly made everything ok. Although confident to the point of arrogance, Conde is never entitled: as one of the most liberal princes in France, he believes everyone is born the same and are just a product of their environment. When Conde’s father dies early in France’s civil war, it is up to him to lead take over the reins as the leader of the Huguenot cause.  220px-Conde-henri


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