Henry of Navarre

Henry of Navarre is a powerful man. As the leader of House Burbon, Navarre is, (after the Valois Family) next in line to the Throne of France. All this would have been well and find, since Navarre, Conde, and Henry Valois were all childhood friends, but the Queen of Navarre brought Henry up as a protestant, and the thought of having a Protestant King is enough to send the conservative lords of France into revolt.

Still, many look to Henry to drag France away from disaster. Gifted with a calculating mind and an advanced understanding of how people think, Henry is the epitome of reason and practicality. At first glance, Navarre seem to lack the fire that burns inside his friend Conde, but his close friends know how strong willed and effective he can be. As a man, Henry is moderate, yet flexible enough to go to both extremes. He gives people the benefit of the doubt, yet is prepared for the worst. As a leader, Henry is a realist, yet is not pessimistic of human nature like Guise. He is confident in himself, but respects others and is never arrogant. As a soldier, Henry is a good organizer for logistics, yet despises war. His realm in Marseilles and Southern France is the center of Renaissance, industrial activity. Although he can’t call upon as many knights as Guise, Conde, or the Royal House, Navarre can rely on an increasingly well educated and well trained militia to guard his lands. All of Navarre’s traits complement his best friend Conde’s traits perfectly, and when together, they have almost no weakness.  XIR88471


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